Mission Statement

Expertise BadgeDuring the course of representing clients from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, trial attorney, Diana Santa Maria, the founder of Bilingual Mediators, Inc. found that there was a lack of ethnic diversity in the backgrounds of available Mediators to serve the needs of her ethnic and multi-cultural clients. She found that the goals of Mediation and Dispute Resolution would often- times not be reached as a result of language and cultural barriers which would sometimes interfere in the successful resolution of a case if the Mediator did not speak the client's language or understand their cultural make-up. Diana Santa Maria, herself a bilingual Hispanic-American, set out on a mission to serve the needs of the cross-cultural population in South Florida by becoming a Certified Mediator herself and setting out to recruit a group of top notch Mediators who in addition to possessing strong negotiation and dispute resolution skills, possessed various ethnic and cultural backgrounds and spoke a foreign language. As such Bilingual Mediators strives to address the needs of the ethnic and multicultural clients whose legal cases are being handled in South Florida.

Because Mediation is based on psychological principles of conciliation and cooperation, anyone involved in the process must start from a place of feeling that they can openly communicate and be understood. We at Bilingual Mediators strive to provide the comfort level which can only be achieved when one feels comfortable in their surroundings and feels able to openly communicate and be understood in their own native language. Our Mediators are all Supreme Court Certified in their respective areas of Mediation. They come from diverse cultural backgrounds and most all speak a 2nd language.