About Us

Bilingual Mediators Inc. was founded by Diana Santa Maria, a trial attorney who during the course of her legal representation of clients from different ethnical and cultural backgrounds, found that there was a need in the legal profession for Mediators with diverse cultural backgrounds possessing the ability to communicate in different languages. Arising out of this need, Bilingual Mediators, Inc.was formed. At Bilingual Mediators Inc we provide Supreme Court Certified mediators in all areas of Mediation services, all of whom speak a 2nd foreign language and also possess legal expertise in numerous areas of the law.

Our mediators work both individually and in teams. We strive to provide the best mediator or team of mediators for each particular case depending on the type of case and the needs of the individual participants. In cases where there is a team approach our fees will be adjusted slightly to reflect the additional services of a 2nd mediator and fees will be determined on a case by case basis with consideration for the number of participants and the extent of time involved.